Sodium Handling Training Course
 Sodium Beginner Course
 Sodium General Course
 Sodium Technical Course
 Sodium Fire Extinguishing Training Course
 Operation Course for Sodium Loop Purification System
 Operation Course for Sodium Loop Supply System
 Training Course for Sodium Piping Leakage
 Skill Certification Course for Sodium Handling
 Sodium Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow Beginner Course
Maintenance Training Course
 Control Rod Drive Mechanism Course
 Electric Power Distribution Inspection Course
 Instrumentation and Control Course
 Fuel Handling and Storage System Course
 Water System Operation and Maintenance Course
 Mechanical Seal Overhaul Course
 General Maintenance Course
 Monju Plant System Learning Course
Nuclear Engineer Training Course
 FBR Basic Course
 FBR Application Course(1)
 FBR Application Course(2)
 FBR Application Course(3)
 FBR Application Course(4)