Sodium Handling Training Course
@Operation Course for Sodium Loop Purification System

This course studies operations related to a sodium loop, especially operation technology, concerning purification system, which operator and maintenance staff of FBR plant should master, through lecture and sodium operation training.

- Material Corrosion by Sodium
- Purity Management of Sodium at Monju
- Principle and Structure of Cold Trap
- Principle and Measuring Method of Plugging Meter
- Operating Experience of Sodium Purification System at Joyo
- Accident Example of Overseas Plants Concerning Sodium Purity Management
- Outline of Purification System (Loop Structure, Apparatus Specification)

- Loop Preheating Operation (Including Explanation such as Operating Procedures on Sodium Loop Control Panel)
- Loop Pressurized Filling Operation and PL Meter Thermometry in the Purification System (Including the Explanation of Loop Pressurized Filling Operation procedures, and PL Meter Thermometry)
- Sampling of PL Meter Thermometry Data
- Data Reduction/Evaluation (Data Evaluation/Discussion)
- Observation of Sodium Burning