Maintenance Training Course
@Water System Operation and Maintenance Course

This course acquires basic knowledge on the operation and maintenance methods for water system equipment, as well as learning structure and principle for pumps or valves, through actual operation and maintenance inspection.

Outline of Water Loop
- Outline of System (Composition of loop system)
- Specification of System Machinery
- Point of Filling Water
- Operation Guideline
- Preparation for the Pump Start-up, Start-up, Operational Status Check, Shutdown Operation
- Piping, Equipment, Valve, Control Characteristic

Loop Operation
- Filling Water
- Loop Normal Operation (Deck Mounted, Horizontal Type, Series Operation)

- Explanation of Horizontal Type Pump Overhaul Point

- Overhaul of Horizontal Type Pump
- Removal of Motor
- Pump Overhaul
- Pump Setting-up

*System Start-up Test after the Set-up