Sodium Handling Training Course
@Sodium FireExtinguishing Training Course

* Outline
This course studies response techniques at the time of a sodium fire, which operator and maintenance staff of FBR plant, and technical staff who have been engaged in sodium handling should master this, through lecture, observation of sodium burning, extinguishing, and sodium cleaning.

- General Knowledge about Sodium
- Characteristic of Sodium Combustion
- Sodium/Water Chemical Reaction
- Spontaneous Ignition and Risk of Sodium
- Influences on the Human Body and Emergency Treatment
- Protection and Fire Extinguisher
- Sodium Burning Fire Extinguishing Method
- Sodium Treatment Method and Instructions

- Training of Protector Change and Self-Contained-Compressed Air Breathing Apparatus
- Fire Extinguisher Handling Method
- ABC Fire Extinguishing and Observation of Sodium Reaction
- Visibility Experience with the aerosols from burning sodium
- Experience of Pungent Odour
- Extinguishment of Sodium Burning
- Sodium Cleaning (Reaction Confirmation at the time of Solid Sodium Cleaning, Cleaning of Oxides of Sodium)