Nuclear Engineer Training Course
@FBR Basic Course

Learning basic knowledge in the field of basic FBR technology for technical staff engaged in duties related to FBR development of Monju and Joyo. Also, according to trainee's request, we prepare site tours to Monju (in case of Tsuruga) or Joyo (in case of Oarai) after the training for three days.

- Principle of FBR, and History of Development
- Reactor Physics of FBR
- Design Features of Reactor Core and Fuel
- FBR Fuel Cycle
- Features of FBR Plant System
- Management of Radiation and Radioactive Waste
- FBR Equipment
- FBR System and Instrumentation
- FBR Structural Integrity
- Coolant Leakage Accident in Monju
- FBR Safety Review
- FBR Development and International Cooperation

*Site Tour to gMonjuh (in case of Tsuruga) or gJoyoh (in case of Oarai) According to Trainee's Request