Sodium Handling Training Course
Skill Certification Course for Sodium Handling

This course studies the observation of sodium spontaneous ignition phenomenon, and sodium swabbing, as well as studying basic knowledge of sodium, spontaneous ignition mechanism, and effect on the human body, for the technical staff who are engaged in sodium handling work. Also, confirmation test for the training will be performed as skill comprehension following this training.

- General Knowledge about Sodium
- Sodium Burning and its Characteristic
- Sodium/Water Chemical Reaction
- Spontaneous Ignition Mechanism of Sodium
- Influence on the Human Body and Emergency Measures
- Protection and Sodium Fire Extinguisher
- Fire Extinguishing Method for Sodium Burning
- Accident Cases
- Notes on Sodium Disposal

*Experience and Observation
- Sodium Cutting and Combustion
- Observation of Sodium Spontaneous Ignition
- Experience of Sodium Disposal
- Observation of Sodium Burning Fire Extinguishing
- Observation of Sodium/Water Chemical Reaction
- Experience of Sodium Cleaning Treatment

*Confirmation Test of the Training Result