Sodium Handling Training Course
@Sodium Technical Course

The trainee logically and quantitatively studies the chemical properties of sodium, physical characteristics, and general matters related to plant, including corrosion and sodium leak accident. The operator and maintenance staff who have been engaged in sodium handling at Monju should master this technical knowledge, concerning sodium though lecture, measurement experiment of sodium physical property, and observation of sodium burning.

- General Knowledge about Sodium
- Sodium Characteristics
- Sodium Chemical Properties
- Sodium Physical Properties
- Sodium Nuclear Properties
- Sodium Purity Management
- Material Corrosion by Sodium
- Storage and Transportation of Sodium
- Sodium Handling Related Legislation

- Sodium Cutting and Observation of Sodium Burning
- Explanation of Various Basic Experimental Measuring Methods
- Basic Experiment (Measurement of Viscosity, Specific Heat/Melting Point/Melting Heat, Density, and Surface Tension)
- Arrangement of Experimental Data and Examination