Sodium Handling Training Course
@Training Course for Sodium Piping Leakage

This course studies the response at the time of sodium piping leakage, which technical staff who have been engaged in FBR plant operation and maintenance, should master, through observation of leakage behavior and response measures.

- Sodium Leakage Measures in Monju
- Outline of Sodium Loop

- Operation of Sodium Loop Filling
- Operation of Sodium Piping Leakage (Sodium Injection to the Dummy Piping from Gas Supply Tank)
- Observation of Piping Sodium Leakage
- Fire Extinguishing of Leaked Sodium Combustion
- Sodium Draining (Including Gas Continuity Confirmation)
- Removal of Thermal Insulator from the Leakage Piping
- Observation of Sodium Adhesion, and Sodium Removal
- Removal of Leaked Piping
- Leaked Piping and Sodium Compound Cleaning