Sodium Handling Training Course
@Operation Course for Sodium Loop Supply System

This course studies operation technology related sodium loop, especially sodium filling and draining, understanding of sodium instrumentation, and characteristics of electromagnetic pump operation, which operator and maintenance staff should master this course, through lecture and sodium loop operation training.

- Classification of Sodium Cooling System
- System Specification of Primary and Secondary Cooling System of "Monju"
- Design Basis of Primary and Secondary Cooling System of "Monju"
- Sodium Specific Equipment (Electromagnetic Pump)
- Sodium Specific Instrumentation Apparatus (Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Nak Pressure Gauge, Sodium Level Meter)
- Outline of Supply System Equipment (Loop Structure, Apparatus Specification, etc.)

- Loop Preheating Operation (Including the Explanation of Operating Procedures on Sodium Loop Control Panel)
- Loop Pressurized Filling Operation
- Operation of Sodium Circulation and Temperature Control
- Sodium Freeze and Melting Operation at the Branch Pipe
- Sodium Loop Draining and Gas Penetration Check
- Data Reduction and Evaluation (Data Evaluation and Discussion)