Monju Advanced Reactor Simulator (MARS)


Discussion of plant control and operation performance

The MARS has been contributing to personnel development of Monju operators since April 1991 prior to its pre-operation test. MARS is a full scope type simulator, which duplicates faithfully all main control panels and partial local panels, which are located in a central control room. Also, as a computer system, MARS has three kinds of computers: a plant computer, a main process computer and a process linkage (input/output) control unit.  A plant computer is composed of a dynamic computer for simulating plan behaviors in a real time simulation under normal and abnormal conditions. 
Thus, MARS can offer a total of 320 training cases as a malfunction mode and 73 normal operation cases from the standby operation mode to the rated power operation mode including shutdown operation mode.
Accordingly, it was confirmed that the plant simulation satisfied the accuracy demanded by the ANSI/ANS-3.5-1985 (Nuclear Power Plant Simulator).

Simulation Scope

Sodium Handling Training Facility
Maintenace Training Facility