Title International Nuclear Instructor Development Project FY2010
-Reactor Plant Safety Course Autumn Course- Sponsored by MEXT
Date Nov. 8 - Dec. 3, 2010
Participants 10
Agenda Curriculum
Photo NPP Maintenance Training Center

Outline <Lecture-1>Configuration and Features of Reactor Plant
<Lecture-2>Safety Culture of Nuclear Power Plant
<Lecture-3>Basic Concept of Nuclear Power Plant Safety
<Lecture-4>Guidelines for Safety Design of Nuclear Power Plant
<Lecture-5>Process from Siting to Construction of Nuclear Power plant
<Lecture-6>Basic of Reactor Physics-Nuclear Fission Reaction & Reactor Kinetics
<Lecture-7>Sustaining of Energy and Meaning of FBR Fuel Cycle
<Lecture-8>Quality Assurance(QA)
<Lecture-9>Nuclear Plant Decommissioning Technology
<Lecture-10>PWR Plant Operation & Control
<Lecture-11>Property of Reactor Coolant(Sodium)
<Lecture-12>Seismic Design for Reactor Plant
<Lecture-13>Safety Measures for Nuclear Power Plant
<Lecture-14>Safety Evaluation of Reactor Plants (Including Discussion)
<Lecture-15>Application for Installation Permission of NPP
<Lecture-16>In-Service Inspection (ISI) Technology(Incl. Observation of ISI Equipment)
<Lecture-17>Emergency Preparedness and Response
<Lecture-18>Probability Safety Assessment(PSA)
<Lecture-19>Human Factor in Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
<Lecture-20>Nuclear Events in Japanese Nuclear Power Plants
<Lecture-21>Japanese Fitness Code for Reactor Plant Service
<Lecture-22>Management and Dsiposal of Radioactive Waste
<Practice-1>Handling Experience of Reactor Coolant(Sodium)
<Practice-2.1>General Description of the UTR-KINKI Reactor
<Practice-2.2>Reactor Operation and Reactivity Measurement
<Practice-2.3>Neutron Radiography
<Practice-3.1>Monju Operator Training Simulator(Lecture)
<Practice-3.2>Monju Operator Training Simulator(Experience)
<Practice-4>Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Technology (PT, RT, UT)
<SiteTour-1>Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Monju
<SiteTour-2>Nuclear Emergency Response Operations Facility
<SiteTour-3>Fukui Prefecture Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center
<SiteTour-4>Tsuruga Power Stations Unit 3 & 4, PR Center
<SiteTour-5>Fugen Decommissioning Engineering Center
<SiteTour-6>NPP Maintenance Training Center
<SiteTour-7>Ohi power Stastion
<SiteTour-8>Mihama Power Station
<SiteTour-9>Nuclear Power Training Center
<SiteTour-10>Wakasa Wan Energy Research Center
<Discussion>Strategy and Challenge of Nuclear Energy Development in my country
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