Title International Nuclear Instructor Development Project FY2007
-Reactor Plant Safety Course-
Date Jan. 21 - Feb. 8, 2008
Participants 8
Agenda Curriculum
Firefighting training of Sodium


Lecture-1: Configuration and Features of Reactor Plant
Lecture-2: Basic Concept of Nuclear Power Plant Safety
Lecture-3: Safety Design Principle of Nuclear Power Plant
Lecture-4: Nuclear Disaster Prevention
Lecture-5: Property of Reactor Coolant (Sodium)
Lecture-6: Case Study of Accidents in Nuclear Power Plants
Lecture-7: Human Factors in Nuclear Power Plant Accidents
Lecture-8: Safety Measures for Nuclear Power Plant
Lecture-9: Safety Evaluation of Reactor Plant
Lecture-10: Seismic Design of Reactor Plant
Lecture-11: Japanese Fitness Code for Reactor Plant Service
Lecture-12: Development of New Concept for Plant Safety Technology
Lecture-13: In-Service Inspection (ISI) Technology for Monju
Practice-1: Safe Handling of Reactor Coolant (Sodium)
Practice-2.1: General Description of the UTR-KINKI Reactor
Practice-2.2: Reactor Operation and Reactivity Measurement
Practice-2.3: Neutron Radiography
Practice-3: Monju Operator Training Simulator
Practice-4.1: Sort and Theory of NDT Technology
Practice-4.2: Liquid Penetrant Testing of NDT
Practice-4.3: Radiographic Testing of NDT
Practice-4.4: Ultrsonic Testing of NDT
Site Tour-1: Monju (FBR) Prototype Fast Breeder Reactor Monju
Site Tour-2: Nuclear Emergency Response Operations Facility (Off-Site Center)
Site Tour-3: Fukui Prefectural Environmental Radiation Research and Monitoring Center
Site Tour-4: Tsuruga Power Station (BWR and PWR);
         Atomic Pavilion and No. 3&4 units (APWR) construction site
Site Tour-5: Ohi Power Station (PWR); Visitor Center
Site Tour-6: Nuclear Power Plant Maintenance Training Center
Site Tour-7: Mihama Power Station (PWR);Steam Generator Exhibition Pavilion
Site Tour-8: Nuclear Power Training Center
Special Lecturepecial-1: Regulations
Special Lecturepecial-2: Quality Assurance

Report Report

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