Title International Conference on Fast Reactors and Related Fuel Cycles: Challenges and Opportunities FR09
Date December 7-11, 2009
Participants -
Presentation Paper The French Sodium School : Teaching Sodium Technology for the present and future generations of SFR users
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Outline of FR09

Main Topics

ž Advanced and innovative reactor concept designs and associated objectives and driving forces
ž Recycle strategies for fast reactors and associated technologies
ž Proliferation resistance and physical protection
ž Economics and performance (including reliability, availability, service life, public acceptance)
ž Transition scenarios: the path to fast reactor deployment
ž Fast reactor safety:
E Design and assessment approaches, issues and requirements
E Special emphasis on severe accidents
E Licensing issues
ž Advanced fuels for fast reactors:
E Fuel concepts, targets, high burnup fuels
E Performance
E Manufacturing
E Irradiation experiments
ž Structural materials: new challenges, manufacturing and performance
ž Coolant technologies and instrumentation
ž In-service inspection and repair
ž Advanced and innovative fast reactor component and system design, and technologies (primary system, balance of plant, handling systems, simplification in plant layout, etc.)
ž Past 20 years' experience with fast reactors, lessons learned and perspectives: design, construction, commissioning, operation, decommissioning
ž Fundamental issues, new experiments and requirements (basic data, reactor physics, thermal hydraulics, etc.)
ž Advanced simulation, modeling and verification/validation/qualification in various areas
ž Availability and capability of experimental facilities
ž Human resources, education, infrastructures and knowledge management

Reference URL@http://www.fr09.org/

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